Bergamot Pro

Cardio protect formula

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  • 60 Capsules
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Heart-healthy polyphenol blend aimed at supporting healthy lipid and LDL levels. Bergamot Pro features the finest quality Bergamot sourced from the Calabria region of Southern Italy.


  • May lower LDL, and triglyceride levels
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels
  • May prevent LDL oxidation
  • Manufactured in an FDA audited facility
  • Highest purity Bergamot sourced from Calabria region of Southern Italy


It’s impossible to achieve radiant health without sound heart health. In fact, the bulk of the nutritional debates of the past 50 years have centered around what foods are good for our hearts. Emerging science teaches us that dietary cholesterol isn’t the culprit we once thought, and that our genetics play a role in how our bodies maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

A large segment of the population keeps a close eye on their lipids in an effort to achieve balanced lipid markers, such as LDL, and HDL. The amount of cholesterol that circulates in our blood is largely controlled by the liver using the rate control enzyme, HMG-CoA reductase (HMGCR). HMGCR plays an important role in cholesterol synthesis, which is why many therapies attempt to inhibit its activity. Bergamot (citrus bergamia) is a citrus plant native to the coastal region of Southern Italy. Italians have long known of Bergamot’s health effects, and the rest of the world is now taking notice.

Recent studies have shown that Bergamot reduces cholesterol levels as well as inflammation in coronary arteries. Patients in one Bergamot study were able to cut their statin dosage by half without reducing efficacy after taking Bergamot. Bergamot’s health benefits derive from its unique profile of phenolic compounds such as neoericitrin, neohesperidin, naringin, rutin, neodesmin, rhoifolin and poncirin. Naringrin has been shown to be beneficial maintaining the inflammatory balance in arteries, while neoeriocitrin and rutin have been found to exhibit the capacity to prevent LDL oxidation. We proudly offer Bergamot Pro with the highest purity Bergamot sourced from coastal Calabria region of southern Italy.